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Patchwork Workshops

You can join me in an organised workshop at the venues and dates listed or you can contact me to organise a booking at you patchwork shop or group.

Several projects can be carried out at the same workshop i.e. not everyone has to be doing the same project.

Bloc_Loc™ is a revolutionary new channel technology to allow you to accurately "square-up"  blocks while eliminating slipping and ruler rock completely.The rulers help you trim half square triangles, rectanlges and flying geese.There are endless desgins you can create using this ruler. 

Design and create am exciting quilt from your “scraps”. Learn different construction techniques to make a variety of blocks mostly from strips. Learn how easy it is to add curves into you quilt. It is fun; freeing your creative skills and you will be surprised at the results. Quilt can be made from a theme of colours or just use your scraps. Theme examples: Japanese, African, Christmas, Aboriginal or colour theme. Scrap quilts also look good.

This quilt can be made using Deb Tuckers Rapid Hunters Star Ruler system or the Accuquilt System. Each block consists of two triangles, two trapezoids and four star points.

The Deb Tucker Rapid Hunter Star Ruler is great way of using a variety of fabrics but it does look great in just two colours or two colours for large triangles and 2 colours for the star. Cost of the Ruler is $35 which I will have available. Kits available in any size.

The Accuquilt System is made from just 2 colours available in Kit form. I would need to pre-cut the kit before going to the Retreat. Any colour combination is available. Kits available.

Create a strip quilt using just 6 fabrics. Many great designs can be created from sewing the strips into sets, and then by cutting half square triangles or 60-degree sections. Quick fast quilt top, which could be finished in a day. Some preparation is required prior to the workshop.

Bargello is a simple strip piecing patchwork technique that can be used to create exciting, spectacular designs from a range of colours or shades to produce a gradual colour value change of exciting patterns. Students will learn to design their own Bargello quilt or can complete the design featured. Some preparation is required prior to the workshop.

colourwash1 or 2 days

This workshop is an exciting fast way to produce a colourwash quilt (also called around the world quilt). It is a great way to learn the basics of patchwork

eg colour selection, rotary cutting, accurate seams, and pressing, adding borders and bindings and quilting. Made by simply sewing strips together it is easier than it looks. How to finish your quilt is also part of the class. For the more experienced some preparation can be done prior to the workshop but this is optional. Quilt can be Knee Rug, Double or Queen Size.

drunkard path 2strip32 days

Exciting quilt made from strip-pieced sets using the traditional Drunkards Path block design. Design and create your own quilt using 20-30 graduated colours place some feature fabrics.

Easy curved piece techniques-no marking for accuracy.

Wall, double or queen size quilt can be made.

220820102 days

A new workshop using special rulers designed by Cheryl Phillips from USA that Chris has been given permission to teach.

Using pentagons and decagon create a centre circle (115cm), which can have corners and borders to make a larger quilt. Many designs available. All participants will need to purchase the special rulers. A fun exciting workshop.


genesis 11 day

Learn to create bright exciting fabrics to use in your quilts using dyes.

Create exciting effects by drying in the sun or the microwave for quick results.

Do you have fabrics in your stash that just do not fit into any quilt? Paint or dye it and create your own fabric. Paints used are 100% safe.